Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorry for being lazy :P

Hhhey! School's over for summer so im now trying to keep this here blog up to date. I've kind of neglected this right from the start because I started this blog to have some kind of an internet portfolio, but after putting up some pieces I got lazy and was really busy with school projects and exams and such and had no time to keep this up to date.

Hopefully this changes now! :D I'll try to post stuff here as much as possible and also talk a bit more about the pictures, whats going on in them and what im going to do next. In addition I will be posting making of videos of these paintings on YouTube.. Starting from the next one 'cause I forgot to record this one XD

Anyway about this on here.. The first painting of this summer. :D Done in photoshop CS5 with wacom intuos4 around 4 hours or so.

Here are a couple of soldiers guarding a ruined city street from some unknown attacker. The city has really taken a beating and an evil looking sinkhole has opened up in the middle of the street.

Might do more pictures around this theme. maybe some kind of a refugee camp from the same city or an action scene (though I might have to design some monsters! :D could be fun.), we'll see!

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