Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today I recieved information that I GOT INTO THE SCHOOL OF MA DREAMS FUCK YEAHHHHH!!! :D

YEAH thats me! oh yeah! oh right! *dances on a table* ;DDD ahem.. s'cuse me :D

Anyway here's a link to the page


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hola again. Heres' some stuff I've been working on these last couple of days. This upper one here is for a contest in a DeviantArt group called ConceptWorld and they have this bi-weekly contest which I noticed yesterday and the idea was to design a Sand pirate vessel, which seemed like fun so here's my entry for the contest. :D I had to kinda rush it because the deadline is today so didn't have much to to finish this, hence the kinda rough look. :D though I like doing stuff rough looking so no harm done. :D

I got this Really cool book a couple of days ago called The Emperors Will and there's some really cool warhammer art compiled by the Games Workshop Art Director John Blanche and I've loved the warhammer style for such a long time I just had to study it a bit. :D Below is the result :D

More stuff coming soon! And goddammit I've still kept on forgetting to record these paintings for youtube :((

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorry for being lazy :P

Hhhey! School's over for summer so im now trying to keep this here blog up to date. I've kind of neglected this right from the start because I started this blog to have some kind of an internet portfolio, but after putting up some pieces I got lazy and was really busy with school projects and exams and such and had no time to keep this up to date.

Hopefully this changes now! :D I'll try to post stuff here as much as possible and also talk a bit more about the pictures, whats going on in them and what im going to do next. In addition I will be posting making of videos of these paintings on YouTube.. Starting from the next one 'cause I forgot to record this one XD

Anyway about this on here.. The first painting of this summer. :D Done in photoshop CS5 with wacom intuos4 around 4 hours or so.

Here are a couple of soldiers guarding a ruined city street from some unknown attacker. The city has really taken a beating and an evil looking sinkhole has opened up in the middle of the street.

Might do more pictures around this theme. maybe some kind of a refugee camp from the same city or an action scene (though I might have to design some monsters! :D could be fun.), we'll see!