Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WH 40k kasrking LIVESTREAM


Livestreaming some WH 40k stuff :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

First livestream!

First livestream went alright! :D

Had some lag and sound issues which will hopefully be fixed with the help of some friends :D but all in all i was happy with the first session. had a few friends watching and was really nice. Helped me to focus on the painting and while streaming its really really hard to procrastinate which is great :DD

Also I feel like I can keep my attention up a lot better on a painting when there are people watching me work on it. :)

So I will definitely be doing more of it. and once I get my second monitor and all the sound and other issues fixed its just gonna get better :)

Here's the piece i started in todays live stream and some thumbnails. Still a WIP and will be working on this during the next streaming sessions.


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Alright no updates in a while.

Sorry for the lack of updates. The reason for it is that most of my time is divided between the schools programming course which is INTENSE! :D and the game project which we're doing at the same time and most of the stuff I've been doing for the game aren't really interesting to watch, and we agreed not to post much material about the game anyways.  And all this will be going on at least all the way to christmas.

BUT! Now that I've got the flue I started to think about livestreaming (Cause i LOVE to watch people streaming, especially esports.:D) to give the boost that I need to keep doing personal stuff  in addition to all this other work I need to do and to prevent me from procrastinating. :D
Hopefully it will help and im gonna get some viewers to push me into doing more and more stuff. At the same time it could also help me get my youtube up and running properly again. so I could also add sped up videos of the paintings after the streams. The problem was that my computer sucks a bit so while I was recording it caused some lag in my photoshop and it was driving me crazy and thats why I kinda gave up on recording my paintings XD
Maybe it wont be so bad with livestreaming. at least the tests went fine. :)

Forest Guardians
Anyway here's a personal painting I did a few days ago. just to show that I actually have been doing something! I just had'nt gotten around to post them yet XD

Wish I didn't have to sleep XD Feels like there's not enough hours in a day to get all this stuff done :P

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School's Started and more illustrations and concepts

Ok no update for a while so let's change that. :)

I've started school at Tampere university of applied sciences on the international media programme and these first couple of weeks have been insanely busy but so much fun! I've learned a bunch and made a lot of new awesome friends and got to know and meet so many awesome people. I could go on and on about how awesome it is but yeah.. maybe not ;D

Instead I'll post some new stuff that I've been working on. A couple of illustrations One for the fine folks at http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/ and the rest just for fun and learning purposes, there's also shitloads of anatomy studies which I might post here once I get around to put them all together on a single canvas :P because there's at least 20 pages of them :P

But anyways hope you enjoy. :)

Damsel in Distress

Renegade Imperial Guard

Turtza the Necromorph

Gereon Partisan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long time no update.

Well not really that long but no daily updates. Been doing bunch a stuff and now im going to flood 'em all here at once :D got four finished illustrations and four environment studies. :)

Anyways, last week the art director over at http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/ (A fan made warhammer 40k skirmish system which is really awesome! If your into warhammer 40k go check it out!) contacted me through deviantArt and asked me if they could use my warhammer fan art for their rulebooks or if I'd like to make something new for them. Of course being a huge warhammer fanboy for years I had to make something specifically for them! Felt like the next best thing to getting actually asked by games workshop to do illustrations for them. :D

So I started out with four illustrations for the squads and im gonna do the rest of the squads soon since they really liked the first four. :D

I also did some environment studies and some random scifi paintings and a competition entry for the bi-weekly contest at the Concept-World group in DA it was an aircraft round with the theme "punk tech"  It was a bit difficult since I haven't really done any aircrafts before. but i think it turned out ok. :)

SOO here's a bunch a pics for ya!

Orks death squad

Imperial Guard death squad

Eldar death squad

Kroot death squad

Alien nests

Alien breeding pits

Punk tech aircraft

environment studies

Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Imperial Firefight

Here's a pic I've been working on since yesterday and got it to a state  today that i thought was detailed enough to post it. I've been trying to spend more time on some pics that im happy with because im starting to feel like ive been doing too many speeds lately.

Anyways here are some Imperial guardsmen fighting in a trench against an assault by chaos cultists and soldiers.


ps. Next I think im gonna do something organic.. I've had enough of straight lines for a while XD

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Warhammer stuff

No updates for a few days cause i've been busy moving to a new apartment and had some work stuff to do. But anyways still managed to slip in time for a few pics ;D anyway here are some warhammer 40k stuff. one of 'em is a fan art from Dan Abnetts Gaunts Ghosts books. Then an Impreial guard patrol and a hive city.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Acid Lurker

Here's some value study from today. Just practicing values and making forms to read better. trying  to figure out light sources and such. Just one layer and default round brush. Nothing fancy. :) Really fun to do.

A little background story for the design:

"In the great marshes live these terrible creatures who feed on the natural gases of the swamps and animals living there. This combination of nutrients and gases turn into acid in the creatures body which is stored to the fleshlike bags on its back. In addition to its claws it can burst the bags to release a toxic combination of gases and strong acid if it is threatened."

Acid Lurker


Friday, June 22, 2012

Something more finished

No daily doodles for a couple of days because I've been working on a couple of pieces that are a bit more finished and an illustration for a magazine.

Anyways here's something a bit more finished. The volcanic mountain king. :D
I've really fallen for this colour palette. :) love the orange and purple contrasting with the darker greenish and grayish shades.

No video of this one because of the larger file size makes my pc struggle with the brushes if record and its really annoying to paint like that.. Need a better computer.. sigh.. :P

Anyway hope you like it. :)

Volcanic mountain King

Monday, June 18, 2012

Daily doodle 18.6

Here's a little landscape thingy I did a couple of days ago and something I did today (the mech). + a video of the mech. :) Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Daily Doodle 15.6

Todays doodle is a factory hanging on a living cliff on an alien planet. the rock has minerals and gases that the workers of the factory are harvesting and shipping offworld.

Took a couple of hours. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mean bastard

Final version, with colour plus the video. Not really happy with the colored version. but meh :D

A little WIP

Nothing special today. Just a work in progress. Gonna put some color on this one later Video also coming up later.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Doodle 12.6.2012

Here's a piece I did this morning

A "happy accident" Tried to just splas some color on and see what it looked like and out cam this mad hatterish dungeon roaming dude with an orange cape XD weird but fun :D took me 45 minutes.

"Alright we go down from here, watch the ledge. Tie a rope there so we can go deeper. Who knows what we'll find!"

Here is a video of this one :D Enjoy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Something everyday.. almost :D

Trying to stay in the habit of posting something everyday so here is a Work in progress,  This one is going to have a companion piece and they will both be detailed more than the usual daily doodles that I do which are finished in somewhere from half an hour to three hours.

This one is a cave outpost. Perhaps guarding the border of an underground kingdom.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Away for the weekend

Was on a bit of a roadtrip this weekend and got back yesterday evening. Was great fun some parties with schoolfriends.  :D

Anyways, to the point, heres the daily doodle for today, a bit longer than usual about 1.5- 2 hours. A little swamp warrior dude :D

No video for this one cause the file got corrupt for some reason... :(

Friday, June 1, 2012

Here's some Character design practice I did recently. Practicing the silhoutte technique for character designing and I've really gotten into it. Somehow it feels so effortless to make good looking designs by just making an interesting silhouette first and after the silhouette is good its kinda hard to mess the design up.

Here is a making of from my youtube channel! Finally remembered to record something :D


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today I recieved information that I GOT INTO THE SCHOOL OF MA DREAMS FUCK YEAHHHHH!!! :D

YEAH thats me! oh yeah! oh right! *dances on a table* ;DDD ahem.. s'cuse me :D

Anyway here's a link to the page


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hola again. Heres' some stuff I've been working on these last couple of days. This upper one here is for a contest in a DeviantArt group called ConceptWorld and they have this bi-weekly contest which I noticed yesterday and the idea was to design a Sand pirate vessel, which seemed like fun so here's my entry for the contest. :D I had to kinda rush it because the deadline is today so didn't have much to to finish this, hence the kinda rough look. :D though I like doing stuff rough looking so no harm done. :D

I got this Really cool book a couple of days ago called The Emperors Will and there's some really cool warhammer art compiled by the Games Workshop Art Director John Blanche and I've loved the warhammer style for such a long time I just had to study it a bit. :D Below is the result :D

More stuff coming soon! And goddammit I've still kept on forgetting to record these paintings for youtube :((

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorry for being lazy :P

Hhhey! School's over for summer so im now trying to keep this here blog up to date. I've kind of neglected this right from the start because I started this blog to have some kind of an internet portfolio, but after putting up some pieces I got lazy and was really busy with school projects and exams and such and had no time to keep this up to date.

Hopefully this changes now! :D I'll try to post stuff here as much as possible and also talk a bit more about the pictures, whats going on in them and what im going to do next. In addition I will be posting making of videos of these paintings on YouTube.. Starting from the next one 'cause I forgot to record this one XD

Anyway about this on here.. The first painting of this summer. :D Done in photoshop CS5 with wacom intuos4 around 4 hours or so.

Here are a couple of soldiers guarding a ruined city street from some unknown attacker. The city has really taken a beating and an evil looking sinkhole has opened up in the middle of the street.

Might do more pictures around this theme. maybe some kind of a refugee camp from the same city or an action scene (though I might have to design some monsters! :D could be fun.), we'll see!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Digital Paintings

Battle LA Speedpaint

Random painting for fun :D

Saoirse Ronan painting


Speedpaint landscape