Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long time no update.

Well not really that long but no daily updates. Been doing bunch a stuff and now im going to flood 'em all here at once :D got four finished illustrations and four environment studies. :)

Anyways, last week the art director over at (A fan made warhammer 40k skirmish system which is really awesome! If your into warhammer 40k go check it out!) contacted me through deviantArt and asked me if they could use my warhammer fan art for their rulebooks or if I'd like to make something new for them. Of course being a huge warhammer fanboy for years I had to make something specifically for them! Felt like the next best thing to getting actually asked by games workshop to do illustrations for them. :D

So I started out with four illustrations for the squads and im gonna do the rest of the squads soon since they really liked the first four. :D

I also did some environment studies and some random scifi paintings and a competition entry for the bi-weekly contest at the Concept-World group in DA it was an aircraft round with the theme "punk tech"  It was a bit difficult since I haven't really done any aircrafts before. but i think it turned out ok. :)

SOO here's a bunch a pics for ya!

Orks death squad

Imperial Guard death squad

Eldar death squad

Kroot death squad

Alien nests

Alien breeding pits

Punk tech aircraft

environment studies

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