Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School's Started and more illustrations and concepts

Ok no update for a while so let's change that. :)

I've started school at Tampere university of applied sciences on the international media programme and these first couple of weeks have been insanely busy but so much fun! I've learned a bunch and made a lot of new awesome friends and got to know and meet so many awesome people. I could go on and on about how awesome it is but yeah.. maybe not ;D

Instead I'll post some new stuff that I've been working on. A couple of illustrations One for the fine folks at and the rest just for fun and learning purposes, there's also shitloads of anatomy studies which I might post here once I get around to put them all together on a single canvas :P because there's at least 20 pages of them :P

But anyways hope you enjoy. :)

Damsel in Distress

Renegade Imperial Guard

Turtza the Necromorph

Gereon Partisan


  1. May I have your permission to use your Pyromancer illustration for a custom Magic the Gathering set I'm doing? I am not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, this is just a non-commercial fan project. I would put your name (or other attribution of your choice) in the artist credit line and post the image on my blog at . If so, thanks in advance.

    1. If you put my name on it then go right ahead! :) I love MtG. :D Hope your project is successful!